Happy amd64 install on emachines 6805

Matt Zimmerman mdz at canonical.com
Fri Sep 17 23:48:45 UTC 2004

On Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 07:29:23PM -0400, Alan wrote:

> I just wanted to note that ubuntu was installed successfully on my
> emachines m6805 amd64 laptop and to say great job to the people
> involved in getting it out.
> I wiped out my debian install a few hours later, I'm sold :)

Glad to hear it!  Thanks for the success report.  amd64 laptops are not very
common yet, so this is a good platform to have tested.

> I have a prism54 wireless mini pci card to replace my broadcom
> paperweight. It wasn't detected during install, but the via rhine ethernet
> adapter was and configured.  After install and reboot eth0 became eth1
> making my network inoperable until I tooled around with a few things.

These two issues are intimately related.  The way that we address the
ordering of network interfaces is that when the installer runs, it writes a
file (/etc/iftab) which assigns names to each interface.  Then, whenever the
system boots, it attempts to assign the same names.

Thus, if a network interface is not detected by the installer, it will not
have an entry in /etc/iftab, and so the scheme doesn't work well.  This is
not ideal, but it is what we have so far for the Warty release.  This is on
the list to be improved for Hoary.

> waproamd or something would be a nice default. I saw some documentation
> state that something along this or ifplugd was planned, so I just wanted
> to say: get to it :)

Patience---it has been only two days since our first public preview! :-)

> I had to install the synaptics xfree driver after the install but it would
> cause X to die.  I had to apt-get source the synaptics driver and rebuild
> with gcc 3.4 in order for it to work properly (after getting gcc 3.4),
> which leads to my last question: When is gcc 3.4 supposed to be the
> default?

The synaptics driver should be installed by default; I just confirmed this
with my most recent amd64 install:

ii  xfree86-driver 0.13.3-1       Synaptics TouchPad driver for XFree86 server

Of course, since this system is not a laptop, I have not tested it, but I am
curious why it was not installed for you.  Was this an upgrade or custom

Please file a bug in bugzilla about the fact that it did not work properly
for you on amd64.

 - mdz

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