Happy amd64 install on emachines 6805

Alan sandy.toast at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 23:29:23 UTC 2004

I just wanted to note that ubuntu was installed successfully on my
emachines m6805 amd64 laptop and to say great job to the people
involved in getting it out.

I wiped out my debian install a few hours later, I'm sold :)

I know that the acpi support has just started working with recent
kernels for this machine, but during the install the machine locked up
when I tried to increase the brightness.  After rebooting into the
system, the screen dim/bright fn keys worked as usual.

A few notes that may or may not be problems:

I have a prism54 wireless mini pci card to replace my broadcom
paperweight. It wasn't detected during install, but the via rhine
ethernet adapter was and configured.  After install and reboot eth0
became eth1 making my network inoperable until I tooled around with a
few things.

waproamd or something would be a nice default. I saw some
documentation state that something along this or ifplugd was planned,
so I just wanted to say: get to it :)

I had to install the synaptics xfree driver after the install but it
would cause X to die.  I had to apt-get source the synaptics driver
and rebuild with gcc 3.4 in order for it to work properly (after
getting gcc 3.4), which leads to my last question: When is gcc 3.4
supposed to be the default?

thanks again.

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