First impressions with Ubuntu

Alex Boroda alex_boroda at
Fri Sep 17 23:23:10 UTC 2004

Julien Olivier wrote:

> I didn't have this package installed. After I
installed > it, I got the UI in French, but still no
> dictionary. I guess OOO just lacks it upstream, but
> know that RedHat / Fedora provides a French
dictionary > for OOO.

Hi Olivier,

I'm not sure if this feature works in Ubuntu's OOo,
but in Debian Sarge one can install dictionaries by
simply opening in Writer a template that can be found
at /usr/share/myspell/DicOOo.sxw and following the

I tested this template also in Mandrake so I suppose
it is not distro-specific. Too bad it is not well
documented; I discovered it through a Google


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