First impressions with Ubuntu

nicola nicola at
Fri Sep 17 20:42:20 UTC 2004

>>The fat32 file system check is given by the 2 at the "pass" coloumn for the 
>>fat32 row, i've put it to 0 (so that I now have 0   0 like any other distro 
>>I've installed before) AND changed the "defaults" option to a more explicit

[Santiago Erquicia]
> Thanks for the tip!!!!  It was getting frustrating to do that every time
> I wanted to boot the system

I've forgot to tell ya that I *suppose* that is the cause.
I think it's better if a "guru" confirms it.
Haven't tried it yet. It's 22.41, it's over 12 hours of pc, i'm just reading 
the last emails of the day :-D

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