First impressions with Ubuntu

Julien Olivier julo at
Mon Sep 20 13:44:13 UTC 2004

> Hi Olivier,

Actually, it's Julien :)

> I'm not sure if this feature works in Ubuntu's OOo,
> but in Debian Sarge one can install dictionaries by
> simply opening in Writer a template that can be found
> at /usr/share/myspell/DicOOo.sxw and following the
> instructions.
> I tested this template also in Mandrake so I suppose
> it is not distro-specific. Too bad it is not well
> documented; I discovered it through a Google
> session...

Well, simply installing myspell-fr was enough to get French dictionary
in OOO.

I guess Ubuntu's installer should install aspell-XX and myspell-XX
automatically based on the language you've chosen during installation.

Julien Olivier <julo at>

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