Need Help with DVD burning and AMD64 question

Lord Cantenberry lordcantenberry at
Tue Oct 26 00:33:34 UTC 2004

First off I really am enjoying my Ubuntu experience thus far, very
solid distro. Much better than my previous experiences with what used
to be Red Hat Linux and Mandrake.

Secondly I have an AMD64 processor and was wondering what kind of
speed differences there are with the 64 bit version of Ubuntu and the
32bit version?  I am currently running the 32bit version, mostly due
to the fact that from what I hear there are some problems with
application availability in the 64 bit version, but was curious as to
whether or not it is worth upgrading to the 64bit version.

Thirdly I need some good suggestions on DVD burning and copying
applications available for Linux in general or good ones for Gnome.

Thanks to all that reply....
Lord Cantenberry
Radio Free Arcadia

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