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Thu Oct 14 08:03:07 UTC 2004


Ben Novack [2004-10-13 13:17 -0400]:
> I've got no objection to it being available as a "Human" theme, but I
> really don't like it as a *default* that just anyone will run into. I
> ordered CDs through ShipIt so I could hand them out to folks and say
> "Check out this great OS," including people who might hopefully want
> to use it for professional purposes, and I'd rather they not install
> it and instantly see seminaked people. It creates a bad first
> impression.

Seconded. If I show this to the boss of the company my father works in
(who asked me to evaluate the possibility of a Linux migration), or
any other folks, they will just LOL and bitch on me.

The problem is not that the pictures itself are too offensive for a
western culture (they are scandalous in Islamic and Jewish
countries, but that's another story), the problem is that the very
first impression I (and possibly many other folks) get is: "Hey, they
took Debian, put a few chicks in the theme and hope that it sells
because of this". Western cultures are so fed up with nudity pictures
that every commercial that uses it is commonly disregarded.

Ubuntu shall become a great distro because it excels in functionality,
ease of installation and usage, and universality. Not because it has
the most nude default pictures. They just do not belong onto a
professional Desktop.


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