How to list disks and mirror the boot disk

Eric Potter ecp62 at
Tue Nov 16 18:05:05 UTC 2004

Enn Pee wrote:
> Hi,
> I have few additional internal hard disks and wanted
> to mirror the boot disk to one of the internal disks
> as a backup.
> How to list all the available internal disks in the
> system? I tried fdisk -l but it did not listed any
> disks whereas the same command works on redhat. How do
> I manually mirror the boot disk to one of the
> available internal disks as a backup (using dd or some
> other utility ??) . My guess is that if I have a
> mirrored disk and if boot disk fails, then I can
> physically swap the boot disk with the mirrored disk
> and  hopefully i can boot without losing data.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
> ennpee

fdisk -l works fine on my ubuntu system.

You can mirror your system by mounting an extra partition
at, for example, /mnt/mirror then do this:

nice rsync -a -x --progress / /mnt/mirror

rsync has a very extensive man page.  Make sure you
read it.

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