What programs will be updated in in warty?

Travis Newman travis at moneyburger.com
Wed Nov 10 23:32:22 UTC 2004

Christoph Georgi wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm getting annoyed of this endless discussion for a few reasons:

> - The Policy of Ubuntu is very clear: Every 6 month a new release, 
> free of charge, and 18 month support for every release. But, as was 
> made clear more then once now, there wont be any updates except for 
> important security issues and possible dataloss bugs.
And isn't that better? Having a stable distribution that can really 
compete with others and with other operating systems? You have to KNOW 
something works if you really want to influence the market at all.

> - Don't complain about what you don't get but be happy with what you 
> get, and if you think of it, it's a lot! At Ubuntu someone else is 
> paying so that we have a free Distro with a policy/comittment of its 
> developers that only a commercial Distro could offer till now 
> (although you could consider Ubuntu as a commercial Distro, too, as 
> someone _is_ paying; but it's not the community, that's the difference).
Commercial, absolutely. Commercial mentality, absolutely not. Working 
with the community it feels like a grassroots distribution, barely 
making enough off donations to keep the servers up. But it has the 
capacity to do so much. Perhaps that was Shuttleworth's vision.

> - If you've got enough money to pay developers or time to develop 
> stuff yourself, you can go ahead and make your own "Up-to-date-Ubuntu" 
> repostiory and if you share it with the community, we will certainly 
> be thankful. If you ask nicely, you might even get some webspace on 
> the Ubuntu Server. But the developers of Ubuntu haven't got the time 
> to do that and folks like me neither the time nor the money. So don't 
> compain, do it yourself. (btw. if one lookes through the mailing list 
> he will be suprised that he finds some howtos on installing firefox 
> 1.0 and thunderbird 0.9; some people have already done the job for you)
Yup. I posted howto's in the list a while back. It's really quite 
simple. If you really want bleeding edge stuff you can even find 
repositories with the new stuff and get it through apt and not have to 
worry about doing it manually.

> I know that controverse discussions like the one about updates are 
> vital to shape and keep a Distribution such as Ubuntu alive, but there 
> is a point in time, when the discussion should find an end. And that 
> point is  overdue as the developers made clear that they haven't got 
> the capacity to maintain the demanded updates.
Well said :)

> PS: I know I'm missing many points.. But I'm not going to write an 
> essay ;)

I think you got the point across clearly enough, and I hope I added some 
to it.

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