What programs will be updated in in warty?

Christoph Georgi christoph.georgi at web.de
Wed Nov 10 23:08:27 UTC 2004

Hi All,

I'm getting annoyed of this endless discussion for a few reasons:

- The Policy of Ubuntu is very clear: Every 6 month a new release, free 
of charge, and 18 month support for every release. But, as was made 
clear more then once now, there wont be any updates except for important 
security issues and possible dataloss bugs.

- Don't complain about what you don't get but be happy with what you 
get, and if you think of it, it's a lot! At Ubuntu someone else is 
paying so that we have a free Distro with a policy/comittment of its 
developers that only a commercial Distro could offer till now (although 
you could consider Ubuntu as a commercial Distro, too, as someone _is_ 
paying; but it's not the community, that's the difference).

- If you've got enough money to pay developers or time to develop stuff 
yourself, you can go ahead and make your own "Up-to-date-Ubuntu" 
repostiory and if you share it with the community, we will certainly be 
thankful. If you ask nicely, you might even get some webspace on the 
Ubuntu Server. But the developers of Ubuntu haven't got the time to do 
that and folks like me neither the time nor the money. So don't compain, 
do it yourself. (btw. if one lookes through the mailing list he will be 
suprised that he finds some howtos on installing firefox 1.0 and 
thunderbird 0.9; some people have already done the job for you)

- If I take all the time wasted in this discussion, I'm sure that one or 
the other could have build some up to date stable ubuntu packages for 
the newest software or could have written howtos on installing the stuff.

I know that controverse discussions like the one about updates are vital 
to shape and keep a Distribution such as Ubuntu alive, but there is a 
point in time, when the discussion should find an end. And that point is 
  overdue as the developers made clear that they haven't got the 
capacity to maintain the demanded updates.


PS: I know I'm missing many points.. But I'm not going to write an essay ;)

s.roman wrote:
> development branch meaning we'd have to upgrade to Hoary for those
> updated packages?
> Would it be possible to just select some updated packages but keep
> your ubuntu system warty? I mean like using firefox 1.0 package from
> hoary, in warty? Unless they are very incompatible with each other,
> that would seem like the perfect solution for me... Only updating
> certain selected packages. There might already be a way to do this,
> but I don't know of one, since I'm pretty much a linux n00b.
> On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 16:54:57 -0500, Derek Meister
> <derek at meisterplanet.com> wrote:
>>On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 22:07 +0100, Eric Feliksik wrote:
>>>Only security updates will be applied; no fancy new-versions updates.
>>>For installing new versions of your software manually, please read
>>>http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/newer-versions .
>>Will the text at that link be updated with information on how to do so
>>once those updated packages are available?
>>Right now, all it says is "Soon after the Warty release, updated
>>packages will be available in our development branch on an ongoing
>>basis, similar to the pace of Debian unstable." which is pretty sparse
>>for those of us looking to do so, but unaware of the specific mechanics
>>of making it possible for our actual installations.
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