Flash problems

thephotoman rantman_2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 6 13:45:47 UTC 2004

Bill Christiansen wrote:
> Are you on Warty or Hoary? It was working in both for me but something
> happened in a recent Hoary update and now when I try to play something
> with flashplayer it crashes firefox completely and when I tried it in
> Mozilla-browser, like you I got video and no sound. So if you're on
> Hoary too, I'm sure it's a minor bug that will be worked out as hoary
> progresses.
> On Fri, 05 Nov 2004 23:40:09 -0600, thephotoman <rantman_2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>I'm currently trying to use the Flash plugin for
>>Mozilla/Opera/Firefox/everything else to view Homestar Runner, yet I
>>have no sound when I do this.  What do you suggest I do to correct my
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I'm working in Hoary at this time, and it's not just Firefox, but 
Mozilla, Opera, Epiphany, and Galeon as well.  Everything that uses that 
plugin has the problem.

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