Ubuntu & Virtual PC (part II)

Asko Kauppi asko.kauppi at sci.fi
Tue Nov 2 21:24:59 UTC 2004

I did add a link into the wiki; I think that is enough (easier for me 
to update the page this way; it still changes).


Virtual PC itself is highly usable, and I do use Ubuntu for everyday 
work now (better than having a second machine around). The speed..  
about the same as 400MHz PC, I'd say.  Graphics is normally a problem, 
and I must admit my Gentoo is still much faster in that than Ubuntu.  
Perhaps I'll optimize later..

Virtual PC is optimized for Windows XP, but it does run Linux, NetBSD, 
even QNX quite smoothly.


2.11.2004 kello 21:56, Alexander Poslavsky kirjoitti:

  On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 18:30:57 +0200, Asko Kauppi <asko.kauppi at sci.fi> 
>> I have updated my Virtual PC / Ubuntu page at:
>>         http://www.sci.fi/~abisoft/articles/tips3.html
>> There's some details that Ubuntu authors might want to check out.
>> Generally, it is intended to smoothen the experience of others going
>> the same road.  Hope you enjoy it! :)
>> -ak
> Hi Asko!
> great write-up, a lot of things, i have not seen covered anywhere
> else. Why don't you put it in the wiki, more people are likely to read
> it.
> How to go about it, read: 
> https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocumentHowto
> If you need a hand with it, let me know.
> greets, Alexander Poslavsky Documentation Team
> PS how fast is this, is it actually usable or is it more like a
> proof-of-concept? Like the guy running OSX on a 68020 mac using qemu,
> took a week until the bootup screen :)

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