Ubuntu & Virtual PC (part II)

Karl Vogel karl.vogel at seagha.com
Wed Nov 3 16:04:36 UTC 2004

Asko Kauppi <asko.kauppi at sci.fi> wrote: 

> I did add a link into the wiki; I think that is enough (easier for me 
> to update the page this way; it still changes).
>      http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HardwareSupportMachinesVirtualMach
>      ines 
> Virtual PC itself is highly usable, and I do use Ubuntu for everyday 
> work now (better than having a second machine around). The speed..  
> about the same as 400MHz PC, I'd say.  Graphics is normally a problem,
> and I must admit my Gentoo is still much faster in that than Ubuntu.  
> Perhaps I'll optimize later..


If you want fast graphics, then it's better to run an X11 server on your 
windows machine and do an XDMCP login to your Linux running in the VM on 
the same machine, that way the VM doesn't need to do any graphics drawing.

I don't know if the default Ubuntu X11 Display Manager install is 
configured to listen to XDMCP broadcasts (or even remote TCP connections), 
so it might require some fiddling with config files.

(you can use XFree86 from CygWin if you need a free X11 server for Windows)

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