[ubuntu-us] Good Bye

Eric Lake ericlake at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 12 02:08:27 GMT 2007


I for one am sad to see you leave the project. That being said I am
confident that we will continue to communicate (especially at OLF) and
work together. The project will not be the same without you.

Steve Stalcup wrote:
> Hey Everone :)
> I am leaving the US Teams project.
> I have mixed emotions about parting, but I think it's best for the
> intentions of those who lead the effort.  I would still like to see a
> LoCo team in every state by the end of the year (and there is still
> time left)
> In late summer, there was a bit of a tift about Tax exempt status and
> NFP status for LoCo teams.  I don't feel like the leadership of the US
> Teams project handled that situation very well.  If there is anyone I
> offended, I apologize.
> Rather than violate the CoC, I am choosing to move on from the project.
> I will still be available to help anyone who has a question, or just
> want's to cut up and have some fun on freenode.  I also just set up a
> channel of #ubuntu-usa for Ubuntu enthusiasts who live in the US who
> just want to socialize.
> There are some great people available to assist those teams needing
> guidance.  Look to mentors like Aaron Toponce (atoponce), Richard
> Johnson (nixternal), Eric Lake (etank), Elizabeth Bevilacqua (pleia2),
> John Crawford (johnc4510), and Nick Ali (boredandblogging).  These
> individuals truly represent the spirit of Ubuntu and I feel lucky
> having come to know each of them.
> Thanks and Good Luck!
> Steve

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