US LoCo Teams Greetings from SC, USA / (Introduction / Request)

Eric Lake ericlake at
Thu Apr 19 13:29:07 BST 2007

Hey Craig,

It was just mentioned last night that there was a team needed in SC.
Check out for info on how to get
a team started. Also stop by #ubuntu-us on There is
almost always someone in there that can lend a hand.

On 4/19/07, xarquid [ x | q ] <xq at> wrote:
> Greetings everyone,
> I just wanted to introduce myself briefly. I am located in SC, USA. I have a
> small team of worthy developers who have been working, personally, on a lot
> of bug fixes just in their/our own time. We usually just update our own
> systems in a personalized CVS repository and were having fun at it. We would
> like to join the "team" per-say. How can we go about doing this? Also, we
> noticed there is no ubuntu-us-sc list and was wondering if one can be setup
> since now you have a team in South Carolina (wooo!). Is any of this
> possible?
> Thank you for everything and the great community backing. We are just
> looking to help in any way we possibly can.
> Sincerely,
> Craig Huffstetler
> Lead Team Developer, SC, USA (Ubuntu Project)
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Eric Lake

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