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Thu Apr 19 09:14:42 BST 2007

Greetings everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself briefly. I am located in SC, USA. I have a
small team of worthy developers who have been working, personally, on a lot
of bug fixes just in their/our own time. We usually just update our own
systems in a personalized CVS repository and were having fun at it. We would
like to join the "team" per-say. How can we go about doing this? Also, we
noticed there is no ubuntu-us-sc list and was wondering if one can be setup
since now you have a team in South Carolina (wooo!). Is any of this

Thank you for everything and the great community backing. We are just
looking to help in any way we possibly can.


Craig Huffstetler
Lead Team Developer, SC, USA (Ubuntu Project)
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