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Aaron Toponce atoponce at ubuntu.com
Thu May 14 16:20:10 BST 2009

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 08:40:22AM -0600, Colby W. wrote:
> This is strictly an "out of curiosity" polling; you don't have to
> participate but it will allow everyone to get to know each other a
> little bit better.

Sweet. Great idea!

> 1. What was the OS of your first home PC?

I'm going to assume "home PC" means the first computer that I purchased,
and not one that my father purchased when I was a kid. With that, the
first computer I purchased was in 1999, and it ran Windows 95. It was a
clearance PC off the shelf from Staples in Logan. It quickly went to
98se, then ME. It suffered a power surge that fried the mainboard, RAM,
CPU and even HDD.

> 2. What was the processor, speed, and amount of RAM of your first home PC?

It's specs were a Pentium 333. It initially had 128MB of PC100 RAM, but
it was upgraded to 256MB. It had an 8GB 5400rpm HDD.

> 3. What was the first computer you ever sat in front of (think back to
> elementary school)?

Now, with this, that would be the Atari 800 that my father purchased
when I was a kid. A friend of mine and myself learned some basic BASIC,
and learned how to change pixel colors, create "animated pixels" and
some other fun stuff when you're a kid.

> 4. What was the first Linux distribution and version you installed by yourself?

I discovered Red Hat when living in Logan after just getting married,
but didn't bother installing it as it was $40 at Staples, and a friend
of mine showed me I could download Slackware on floppies for free. With
his help, I installed Slackware 7, the latest release at the time on a
second partition on my home PC.

Going down nostalgia lane, Slackware didn't last long. Debian potato was
installed next, then Red Hat 7.2 i think, then Mandrake, then Suse, then
back to Debian woody, then Ubuntu 4.10 when that released. Now, it's
back to Debian testing (Squeeze) with Lenny on my server. I've fiddled
at times with many, many other distros out of curiosity, both in VMs and
bare metal, including Foresight, Arch, Gentoo, DSL, KNOPPIX, CentOS,
Fedora and even the Unix FreeBSD.

Maybe that was more info than your poll was looking for, but it's fun to

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