[ubuntu-us-ut] Polling for information and fun

Colby W. colbyw at gmail.com
Thu May 14 15:40:22 BST 2009

As many of you may have noticed in #ubuntu-us-ut, Aaron and I have
been comparing notes on when we first started using Linux. This led me
to wonder what was the operating system on everyone's first home PC.
Aaron suggested we broaden our audience (and, hopefully,
participation) by asking the mailing list. I am going to broaden the
scope of the poll a bit and ask a couple more questions. You are
encouraged to ask questions of your own as well.

This is strictly an "out of curiosity" polling; you don't have to
participate but it will allow everyone to get to know each other a
little bit better.

1. What was the OS of your first home PC?
2. What was the processor, speed, and amount of RAM of your first home PC?
3. What was the first computer you ever sat in front of (think back to
elementary school)?
4. What was the first Linux distribution and version you installed by yourself?

My answers:

1. MS-DOS 5.0
2. 80x386 8MHZ (33MHz with the Turbo button in use) with 1MB RAM
3. Atari 7200 or Apple ][ (e or g, not sure), maybe my cousin's Commodore 64
4. Debian/GNU 2.1 ("slink")


Colby W. (Yorokobi)

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