[ubuntu-us-ut] ext3 or XFS

BJ Cardon bj.cardon at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 15:49:19 GMT 2008

Is ext4 something that is coming to the next versions of the kernel 
then? So will we see this in Ubuntu before too long?


Aaron Toponce wrote:
> Christer Edwards wrote:
>> Again, my 2c toward XFS for large file storage vs ext3.. maybe ext4 (in
>> fedora9) will be better.
> Ext4 is freaking awesome.  One of the major features found in ext4 is
> extents.  Basically, setting aside a contiguous area of disk space for a
> file.  This will seriously reduce file fragmentation, and increase disk
> space efficiency.
> Further, ext4 is both backwards compatible (mounting an ext3 filesystem
> as ext4), and forwards compatible (an ext4 filesystem can be mounted as
> ext3) with ext3.  Other features of ext4 include nanosecond timestamps,
> online defragmentation, journal checksums and the ability to address 1
> exbibyte of storage.
> Count me in for ext4.
> Aaron

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