[ubuntu-us-ut] ext3 or XFS

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 15:45:47 GMT 2008

Christer Edwards wrote:
> Again, my 2c toward XFS for large file storage vs ext3.. maybe ext4 (in
> fedora9) will be better.

Ext4 is freaking awesome.  One of the major features found in ext4 is
extents.  Basically, setting aside a contiguous area of disk space for a
file.  This will seriously reduce file fragmentation, and increase disk
space efficiency.

Further, ext4 is both backwards compatible (mounting an ext3 filesystem
as ext4), and forwards compatible (an ext4 filesystem can be mounted as
ext3) with ext3.  Other features of ext4 include nanosecond timestamps,
online defragmentation, journal checksums and the ability to address 1
exbibyte of storage.

Count me in for ext4.


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