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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at gmail.com
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This link came to me and I thought I'd forward it on.  If any of you
have much of a say in the IT department for your office you might want
to have a look and contribute some feedback.

remember, this is mainly for business/office use and not personal
desktop usage.

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Subject: 2006 OSDL Linux Client Survey
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 12:08:38 -0800

The OSDL Desktop Linux working group is conducting an online Linux Client 
Survey through December 1. The information from this survey will assist 
the OSDL Desktop working group to focus on areas of development that are 
important to you. The results of this survey may also be valuable to your 

To take the survey:


Upon completion of the survey, you will able to view the preliminary,
partial results of surveys that have been taken and you will be able
to continue to monitor the results until the survey is complete.


OSDL Desktop Linux Working Group


Christer Edwards
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