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Sat May 27 20:16:14 BST 2006

I think this is great.  When we get more active participants, I think it
would be cool to organize teams with team leads.  Each team would be in
charge of either a certain week or project.  This would help ensure that
everything gets done.

So where does that put next week?  Week 5 or 1?  I would think week 5, at
which point, maybe we could have meetings online in the IRC channel to
discuss what progress we have made, and where we could improve.

At any rate, I just made the upgrade (again) to Dapper.  We'll see if it
proves to be more stable than a number of weeks ago where it was crashing on
me constantly.  So far, so good.

On 5/27/06, Christer Edwards <christer.edwards at> wrote:
> Utah Team,
> In an attempt to have a more active role in supporting and growing the
> Ubuntu community as a whole I propose a weekly focused agenda.
> Everyone is invited to help and the more help we get the better Ubuntu
> will become!
> What I propose is assigning a task for each week of the month. 1-2hrs
> focused attention per week would be great!
> Week 1: Wiki contribution, updating & cleanup.
> Week 2: Bug triaging and duplicate removal.
> Week 3: Ubuntu Forums support
> Week 4: Distribution - CDs, torrents, etc.
> I propose we start this next week, June 1, with Wiki / Documentation Team
> goals.
> A great place to start would be here:
> After installing Dapper (which I'm assuming everyone will do / has
> done by its release) we can check current high/medium/low priority
> Wiki Pages for compatibility.  Instructions are included at the link
> above.  Lets help make sure that the wiki stays up-to-date by testing
> current documentation in Dapper and updating if necessary.
> If you have any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, etc just
> shoot back a reply.
> Thanks everyone,
> --
> Christer Edwards
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