Proposed Team Agenda

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Sat May 27 17:57:54 BST 2006

Utah Team,

In an attempt to have a more active role in supporting and growing the
Ubuntu community as a whole I propose a weekly focused agenda.
Everyone is invited to help and the more help we get the better Ubuntu
will become!

What I propose is assigning a task for each week of the month. 1-2hrs
focused attention per week would be great!
Week 1: Wiki contribution, updating & cleanup.
Week 2: Bug triaging and duplicate removal.
Week 3: Ubuntu Forums support
Week 4: Distribution - CDs, torrents, etc.

I propose we start this next week, June 1, with Wiki / Documentation Team goals.
A great place to start would be here:

After installing Dapper (which I'm assuming everyone will do / has
done by its release) we can check current high/medium/low priority
Wiki Pages for compatibility.  Instructions are included at the link
above.  Lets help make sure that the wiki stays up-to-date by testing
current documentation in Dapper and updating if necessary.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, etc just
shoot back a reply.

Thanks everyone,

Christer Edwards

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