Laptop Testing for Dapper Drake

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Wed May 31 05:56:23 BST 2006

Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake release is just a day away!  I'm sure most of
you will be installing or upgrading to this milestone release as soon
as you are able.  I would like to remind everyone that downloads via
bittorrent to at least keep a 1:1 share ratio.  We want to make sure
everyone has a chance to download it!  Every little bit helps!

For those of you using laptops I would like to ask for a little bit of
help that greatly contributes to the community.  The Laptop Testing
Team has put together a simple checklist to verify installation,
hardware & peripherals for laptop computers.  If you have ~30 minutes
free we would greatly appreciate your time & contribution!

How you can help
Laptop testing is not hard.  All you need is your laptop and about a
half-hour to run through a checklist.

A checklist can be found at:

Completed work (if you have a model only listed for Breezy, please update)

If your make/model is not found on the list please create a page for
it using appropriate name syntax, input the appropriate information &
add it to the central page.

As usual, if you have any questions please contact me for assistance.
I have been working with the Laptop Team for some time now.  Also, if
you do add/update a listing I would appreciate if you would let me
know.  Please send me an email with make, model & wiki link.

Thank You

Christer Edwards

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