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Tue Dec 22 14:00:26 GMT 2009

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 8:36 AM, Daniel Stone
<webmaster at> wrote:
>> In spite of your complaints, Daniel, the leaders on the team have been working
>> hard to satisfy your concerns, get resources under control and get
>> things rolling with this team.
> Sorry that I voice an opinion maybe the way you feel is correct is to
> just accept everything as gospel.

You are being unfair, and I think you know this.

> When I see an issue I address it. When I have a question I ask.
> (Obviously this must mean that I complain)

In spite of how you are reading it, "complain" is not a negative word.
You have brought up complaints with how this team is run, that's fine,
everyone is welcome to bring up complaints and discuss possible

> I will watch the progress of the team and lay quiet.
> (Sounds like this is what you want)

Please stop putting words in my mouth.

> I see that when I question status quo or make suggestions I get quite
> a lashing.

You questioned the status quo, people gave you very reasonable reasons
why they don't agree and wish to use the standard tools that other
teams do. I have seen no one giving you a "lashing" for your ideas,
all I've seen thus far is a constructive discussion of the merits and
flaws of ideas proposed. Just because people don't agree with you
doesn't mean they are "giving you a lashing" - I think the discussion
was good, but it seems to me that using existing tools is what others
on the team want.

The only "lashing" I've seen came from you when you responded to
Brandon's detailed reply to your proposals by calling it "mumbo jumbo"
- this was disrespectful and unfair. He took the time to write that
email and has been working to help this team, please try to give the
other folks on this list the same respect you believe you deserve.

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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