Voting and meeting subjects

Daniel Stone webmaster at
Tue Dec 22 04:40:53 GMT 2009

Dear Texas Team,

I have said my bit about meetings and meeting voting.

I have said my bit regarding why it would be useful (and just down right 
proper) to have voting outside the IRC channel

Is there something that I have not said or is it just simply being ignored.

I work 80+ hours a week

this meeting schedule may cater to some or be convenient to most but if 
someone can not attend IRC for whatever the reason does this mean that 
they should be left out?

 From what I am getting in response from Brandon and Matthew I feel that 
is exactly the intent. To disregard anyone who can not meet on chat at a 
specific time.

If this is the intent Please let me know..

I asked Elizabeth an honest question which I would believe would benefit 
others as well as our current state contact

Please Reply
Daniel Stone

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