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I'm sorry, I was unable to make it to the meeting. As previously stated,
I had a few issues going on that prevented me from attending. I would
like to attempt to perform this meeting using email to make up for this

In order to do this, I will simply state my views on every point I
wanted to cover. If you object to any of the points of views, please
speak up. I don't want this meeting to be one sided. Just do a reply to
the email and place your comments right below the paragraph you are
responding to.

This has the potential to get confusing, so please make sure the reply
you are using places some sort of | or > in the responded quote. I don't
think there any many mail clients that don't make use of this by default.

Also, in order to keep these emails from becoming MASSIVE, you can drop
the blocks of text that aren't related to what you're replying to at all.

I won't get back to you immediately since I will have a VERY busy couple
weeks, but this isn't just about me getting back to you guys. Everybody
needs to communicate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meeting Starts Now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

* New Logo
I would like to know what everyones opinion is about the new logo. I
will admit it's almost identical to the former.
The question comes to:
Do you like the rounded or squared corners?
Do you prefer a brown or black background?

* Flyer
kyldere was supposed to create a flyer for us. I am curious if this was
completed or not. If it has, please post this and a link so we can vote
between the two of ours and possible merge them.

I've created a flyer for us to distribute however I don't feel the
website is really ready for visitors anymore. It is located at
Please do not distribute this yet. Remember, the link on it, is not the
actual site address. I'd like some opinions on it.

* Events Tense / Summary
Doug J. could you please edit the past events pages to reflect that they
have already taken place as well as some information (perhaps pictures)
about how the event went?

* New Layout
I'd like some opinions about the way I've setup the Wiki as well as our

* - 3-Click rule
I have firm belief in the 3 click rule. If you feel this is appropriate,
I invite you to check through the website and Wiki to ensure this
standard is met.

* - Using Includes
If you are going to work with our Wiki, you should learn how to use
Includes pages since most of the Wiki is built on this.

* - How to add events
I've created templates to create events and meetings. You can view these
instructions at
In order to follow these steps, it is required that you be logged in.
Please don't abuse this process.

* - Use template
I've created templates for what content should appear in these pages as
well. The template is listed below each category.

* - Events built on categories
I have categories on the bottom of each page. This is what dictates
whether or not the event is flagged as upcoming or past. Please make use
of these tags if you will be working with events or meetings.

* Treasury / Warehouse
I would like to have one person in charge of holding the merchandise we
will be selling and a separate person in charge of the money. I feel
this will help us keep honesty around when it comes time to start
selling things.

* - Case Badges ; Discuss cost
I intend on selling our case badges at $0.25 each plus $0.50 for every
15 in shipping. This is the exact price they are sold for in neighboring
states. There's also states where they don't offer a by-hand sale. For
our purposes, I believe we should stick with this rule as well. This
will help with tracking significantly.

* New Layout
I've been working hard on a new theme for our website. I had it pretty
much working in 5.x. I think it's working well in 6.x now as well.

* New Modules
We also have a community (swe3tdave and MTecknology) port of a beautiful
module. Three of them actually.

As soon as a user exists in one of our three launchpad groups, they have
access to our website.

ubuntu-southdakota members will have access to create news items. I have
not completed the view for this. However, you guys should have access to
this already.

ubuntu-southdakota-editors members will have access to modify nearly all
content on the site.

ubuntu-southdakota-admins members will have access to do just about
everything. Once I've finished configuring things, I will remove my own
built in account. I'm already using only my LP account to access this.

What's absolutely great about this... You DON'T need to setup tha
account at all. The second you're accepted into the team, you will have
whatever access that grants. You will also have your user account and
email address sync'd to the website as well.

* Signup
I've added the ability to sign up for notification of events. Because of
my work, I've been unable to keep the notifications running. Once I am
done, this functionality will resume.

* Shopping Cart
I will be including the functionality to purchase our merchandise using
the website. I will use PayPal as the payment portal unless someone
knows of a better idea.

* Team Support
I believe I've made it perfectly clear that I want the team to be able
to function without me. With the fail of this meeting over IRC, I
believe we've seen the first instance of proof as to why this is an issue.

Point 1: I will be making much better descriptions in the wiki about
what needs to be discussed at the meeting.

Point 2: I would like somebody to step up to be a Meeting Driver. This
person will be in charge of driving meetings if I am absent.

If these two points were met already, this meeting would have occurred
already instead of being pushed to email.

* - Mirror Hosting by DLeVasseur
DLeVasseur had mentioned that he may be able to have his company host a
release mirror for us. My university is opening up to the idea, however
they will not want to release it for public usage. I'm wondering what
the status is on this.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your Turn to Speak Up ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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