[Ubuntu-US-PA] Ubuntu in the New York Times

Ryan Weddle weddle at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 13:44:54 GMT 2009

You guys may have already seen this, but I was impressed to see
Shuttleworth/Canonical/Ubuntu featured in the New York Times.  The article
is mostly positive, and only gets a little bit dismissive toward the end.

"All the fuss at the meeting centered on something called Ubuntu and a man
named Mark Shuttleworth, the charismatic 35-year-old billionaire from South
Africa who functions as the spiritual and financial leader of this coding

Created just over four years ago, Ubuntu (pronounced oo-BOON-too) has
emerged as the fastest-growing and most celebrated version of the Linux
operating system, which competes with Windows primarily through its low, low
price: $0."
Unfortunately, since it's New York Times, a (free) login may be required to


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