[Ubuntu-US-PA] Free Geek Penn in Ephrata, PA

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 01:24:37 GMT 2009

I just discovered there is a Free Geek in PA.  Even though it's a little 
over an hour away from me, I'm more inclined to go to a FG instead of 
NTR once a month:

I want to make a trip out there in a few months (long after the baby 
arrives).  If any of you Philly people want to make the trip out there 
with me, let me know and we can car pool.  Perhaps we can meet up with 
some central PA LoCo people for noms and booze :)

So, any of you interested in checking this place out?

For more details on FG, here's the mother of all FGs in Portland:

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