[Ubuntu PA] Ok, so you found it out...

Bret Fledderjohn freelancer317 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 04:39:33 BST 2007

On 10/06/07, Elizabeth Bevilacqua <lyz at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 08:14:46PM -0400, Bret Fledderjohn wrote:
> > You found out about my little addition to the wiki... Darn the
> > subscriptions... Either Lyz is a subscriber to the wiki page OR she
> > has absolutely no social life whatsoever!  :-)
> Hey it was neither! I was puttering around this morning with Ubuntu Wiki
> things and thinking about the Girls Inc event yesterday and trying to
> see if we had cataloged events somewhere. The link to the Application
> was on the main page and I just clicked through :)
> > Well I posted this in the forum, and I am now looking for the best
> > time to submit this (from the progress that we've made since I posted
> > this, I'd say that we are going to be ready really soon!
> >
> > Let's discuss this Wed. Night at the irc meeting.  I hope everyone can
> be
> > there!
> I have some thoughts on this so I'll try to attend the meeting. But just
> for now I think we should take our time with this, I don't know how many
> people are subscribed to the mailing list but we really need to
> encourage subscribing. The launchpad is looking good but could always
> use beefing up too.  Not to mention the CC looks not only for an active
> group, but one that is dedicated and will continue to host events, so
> the amount of time a LoCo has been around is a consideration.

Well the reason I started the process here is that the minimum is 3 events
completed. And the infrastructure is all set up.  We really need to have the
roadmap established, which overall is not difficult, but I think it should
be a team discussion.

We have been having success with people subscribing to the mailing list
(we're up to about 20).  As it stands on the forums we have one of the most
active forums in the LoCo section. And our events have been very successful.

As far as the length of time a LoCo has been around, I don't think that is
exactly an issue.  Ohio was approved in 3 months.

Now, we also have at least 6 people who are able to take the reigns if need
be, so there is a succession in case we lose one or more people.

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