[Ubuntu PA] Girls Inc disk images

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 14:23:05 BST 2007

Jim Fisher wrote:
> Kev,
> If you mean the classroom downstairs, where they teach
> classes, I know Ann Marie, the teacher of the 'Intro
> to Word' class was interested in Open Office when I
> mentioned it to her.

I've mentioned To Greg my plans teaching a class on Ubuntu through the
Mt. Airy Learning Tree.  MALT has a bunch of computer classes, nothing
on Linux.  Perhaps that can be our group's next task.  I've been trying
to think of a good way to it.  I think your information on the classroom
downstairs is very promising.

Teaching classes aside ... I think we can address her interests (OO) and
ours (Ubuntu exposure) by running their existing PCs as thin clients. 
We could give them a taste of OO and Ubuntu without having to install
anything.  They have the network infrastructure and I already have a PC
we can use as a terminal server.

btw, I told Wynne that I would provide them with a PC that their
volunteers could learn on.  I actually have two that I would like to
donate for their/our needs.  One would be for use as a terminal server. 
The other one could be for the mass-disk-imaging project.  If we
successfully integrate the terminal server into their network and start
teaching classes on Ubuntu, we may launch a nearly insatiable appetite
for Ubuntu.  That's where our new found knowledge on mass-disk-imaging
will pay off!

The only thing we may need is a memory upgrade for the terminal server. 
It only has 512MB of RAM.  2GB for 20 PCs would be great but 1GB will
get us by.  Can anyone reading this get us another 512MB of RAM?

Another thing we need to figure out is how to have two dhcp servers on
the same network at the same time.  Possibly very easy for you sys
admins.  Anyway, this discussion deserves a new thread.


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