[Ubuntu PA] Girls Inc disk images

Jim Fisher pechterbread at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 15:31:54 BST 2007

If you mean the classroom downstairs, where they teach
classes, I know Ann Marie, the teacher of the 'Intro
to Word' class was interested in Open Office when I
mentioned it to her.
I went to the classroom by mistake the first time I
went to Malt.  Hung out with Ann Marie until the
students arrived.  Nice setup about 20 computers total
2 macs.

Highlighting the software on the ubuntu box that is
cross platform; eg Firefox, OO, and others, and
getting them comfortable with those programs in their
current windows environment, is usually the first step
in a conversion.

Also, the classroom downstairs would be a great place
to have live cd's available for the students to try
and/or take home and try.

jim fisher

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