[Ubuntu PA] Girls Inc disk images

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 23:21:45 BST 2007

I just want to summarize what happened today.  I got to the CVG
classroom just before 10am and left around 2:30pm.  While there I took
the image from the drive that me and Terri setup and applied it to the 5
drives of the other PCs.  I also tested all 12 of the US Robotics
modems.  The test involved running a script from a Linux box that
verifies communications with the modem from the PC's rs232 port.  Only
one failed, it was thrown away.

The PCs are stacked in a single tower on the same table I took them
from.  On their yellow ID sticker I wrote in marker and pen "OK" for
each system imaged properly.  They all say OK.  The modems are in a box
next to that stack.

Tomorrow at Girls Inc, we still have 4 more boxes (they have them) to
apply the image to.  Here's what I suggest we do:
  1) Get there before 10am, say around 9:30am (will they be open?)
  2) Take 2 drives from the 6 PCs we have now
  3) Image those drives to the 4 other PCs in parallel *
  4) After about an hour of imaging, piece them back together and power
them up

* I was able to test out the simultaneous imaging of two drives today. 
It worked but there wasn't much of a time savings.  The main benefit was
that you only have to do the hardware swap one time.  We'll look into
methods of speeding this process up.  I have a few ideas ...

I talked to Wynne for a while about how our team could help the spread
of Ubuntu Linux a number of the schools that she has ties to.  She also
said it would be great if they could have an Ubuntu Linux PC in the CVG
classroom to get the volunteers some exposure.  I agreed and plan to
drop off a PC on next Wednesday's CVG meeting.  It already has Ubuntu
7.04 installed.  I plan to install LTSP and show them how thin clients
work, when their network is ready.  More on this later.

See you tomorrow.


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