[Ubuntu PA] Event: Girls Inc grub info

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 03:35:41 BST 2007

For interested in doing something similar to there menu.lst file, here
are the key items that I edited in the section called "### BEGIN

# alternative=false
# defoptions=splash
# howmany=1
# memtest86=false

Notice that in this section only one pound is used for an active line. 
They seem to double pound for comments.  There are some other options
that could be useful. 

I'm just not sure if lockold and lockalternative need to be set to
true.  I tested with them set to true and I got strange results, like
duplicate kernel entries.  Oh well, it's working perfect as is and I
think the girls should be happy with it.

Hope that clarifies some of the changes.


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