[Ubuntu PA] Fwd: Re: Event: Girls Inc grub info

Jim Fisher pechterbread at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 12:56:15 BST 2007

kev -

never used them myself - just change .lst when

so i would simply comment out the kernels-memtest-etc.
anything that i didn't want displayed and move windows
up to the default and rock and roll.


ubu kernel

ubu single user

maybe 3 options at boot

as far as the sudo question - i agree with alex-
exploration/breaking things is the key to learning -
let them play freely 

delete all mail clients - web mail is all they need

create a dir called my_files or something like that on
the fat32 part -auto mount it - have it on the desktop
and have them store everything there - they can break
that directory down further as they wish - music
photos etc -set up firefox to download everything to
the fat32 storage area - 

jim yoda

jim fisher

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