[Ubuntu PA] Event: Girls Inc

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 23:26:20 BST 2007

This morning I met with Terri and Greg from the Mt. Airy CVG at the
Trolley Car Diner off Germantown Pike.  Terri lent me the PC so I could
do the Ubuntu install from home.

For those of you that don't know, Terri did bring this PC to the
install-fest where I failed miserably at installing Ubuntu.  Part of it
was due to the really slow ntfs resizing.  I think I also had a bad CD
at one point.  When I got home I noticed that the one I was using a nice
scratch on it and it failed the CD verification (from the boot prompt).

Anyway, once I had a known good CD, I got Ubuntu installed without any
significant issues.  Now I need your help.  Below is a list of info from
this install:

  * suspend to ram works fine
  * 45 sec to boot
  * 15 sec to shutdown
  * 2.6 GB available after install

partition details:
/dev/hda1   5GB         ntfs      /media/windows
/dev/hda2   512MB     swap
/dev/hda3   5GB         ext3      /
/dev/hda4   9.5GB      fat32    /media/shared

extra installs:

  menu.lst to include a splashimage
  used gconf-editor to add desktop icons
  turned off bluetooth service
  enabled auto-login via gdmsetup

  1) /var/log/Xorg.0.log shows "AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable". 
The video chipset is nVidia Vanta/Vanta LT.  I noticed in the bios the
AGP Aperture is set to 64MB so it shouldn't be low on video memory.  Got
any xorg.conf hacks for the nv driver?
  2) Should we drop the mail clients?  Removing Evolution could save
quite a bit of disk space.  What other stuff can add / remove?  This
includes software specifically for girls ages 12-15.
  3) How do we lock down grub so it won't change from kernel updates? 
Can we disable kernel updates all together?
  4) I would like to disable the 'windows' icon that's showing on the
desktop.  Do I kill that in fstab or is there something more elegant in
  5) How do i suppress the (recovery mode) and memtest86+ from being
created in bootloader for times when we do go with a kernel upgrade?
  6) Enforce disk quota for each /home/<user>.  Any GUIs for this?  I'm
only aware of the quota app.
  7) They expect these PCs to go home with the girls so only one user
name is needed now.  Presently I only have "user1" who can sudo and do
all kinds of nasty things.  Should we restrict user1's permissions in
some way?
  8) What kind of eye candy should we add?  Any fancy toolbars?  Do we
want a nice a desktop background?


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