[Ubuntu PA] [Project] Girls Inc date shifted to June 9th

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 15:49:44 BST 2007

Gregory.Jenkins at phila.gov wrote:
> I suggest that we add 2 32mb modules to each machine.
> We have plenty of those.
> 320mb is plenty for a Windows 2000 box.
That sounds good to me.

> What is the minimum practical partition that we can reserve for the
> Linux partition?
> If we get a couple of the girls interested in exploring technology.
> they will explore the Ubuntu, but most will use the Windows partition
> exclusively.
I just did a fresh Ubuntu install on a desktop.  I took up 2.3GB of disk
space.  I would suggest at least a 5GB partition for Ubuntu.  Others
from the LoCo team have suggested sharing a /home partition (fat32) with
Windows.  That way, anything they save in Windows can be accessed from
Linux, and vice versa.

On Ubuntu this is transparent to the user.  On Windows, the extra
partition may show as the D:\ drive.  Can that be made transparent too? 
It would be great if that extra partition could be mapped (wrong term?)
to the Window's "Documents and Settings" folder.  Hmm, that's the folder
used on WinXP, I'm not sure about Win2k.

I think you get the idea though.  It would be nice if they didn't have
to be concerned with saving to some other partition.  If not, we'll just
call it the "Extra Space" drive on Win2k.

> I have suggested to Terri that we also include a FAT32 partition that
> holds an image of the c: drive. If there is bounceback, we want a very
> simple recovery process.
I suppose that could be possible if the image is small enough.  For now,
let's say this is the rough partition table layout:
  /dev/hda1        5GB  Windows2000
  /dev/hda2      15GB  Extended
  /dev/hda5        5GB  Ubuntu root       /
  /dev/hda6     4.5GB  Shared Home     /home
  /dev/hda7    512MB  Swap space
  /dev/hda8      ~5GB  Disk image

I'm sure others on the LoCo will have more suggestions.  I can't imagine
an entire disk image fitting in a 5GB space.  Were you were only
referring to an image of the Win2k partition?

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