[Ubuntu PA] Allentown Computer fair!

brent saner brent.saner at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 17:53:14 GMT 2007

Alex Launi wrote:
> Ok, I just got off the phone with the woman from Marketpro (the 
> company who hosts the shows), and after a long debate about the merits 
> of free software, the price of the show is $128/day + $40 electricity. 
> Are we able to scrounge together some funds? If we can't get a booth 
> then we're not allowed to advertise, so it's that or nothing.

count me in; for volunteering and for funds! (yay for employment)

did you x-post this to PLUG yet? i don't see it, so i'm guessing not. i 
know there are plenty of *buntu users in there that'd be interested and 
i'm not sure how many cross-memberships we have between groups.

Brent Saner


Bill Gates is to hacking as Sid Vicious was to the Sex Pistols: no talent, everyone hates him, and he's just in it for the fame and money.

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