[Ubuntu Oregon] Community removal; am I over-reacting here? Where is the discussion?

Mark Terranova mark at gidgetkitchen.org
Thu Apr 25 20:25:10 UTC 2013

Canonical decided to remove COMMUNITY from the Header of the Ubuntu.com
site. It's in small gray letters at the footer, the place people usually
NEVER look.

Discussion has been proposed, I assumed it would happen.Bug #1172422 was
filed to attempt to address this slight of the Community. In mere hours it
was made so it can't be re-opened. It's the all too familiar *wontfix*.
Meaning it's done. Over.

By no means am I giving fair full coverage of this event. I am giving my
perspective (as well as attempting brevity)
My Google+ post on the matter


ALL Hail Tux the Penguin!

Is it worth valuable time to discuss an issue that has been marked
*wontfix*? The starting point makes it a foregone conclusion. Is this ALL
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