Let's make another effort to get this Team started

Thomas Mashos tgm4883 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 20:00:28 UTC 2011

I live in Salem, but work in Eugene during the week. Portland or Eugene are
about an hour for me either way, but I like Portland better. FreeGeek in
Portland has a nice room that we could reserve. We reserved it for the Gutsy
Gibbon release party (which went pretty well by the way) but it's too small
for future release parties (it's good for a team meeting though).

I wouldn't be against meeting in Salem either, although depending on the
size of our party not sure where we could meet.


On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM, Mark Terranova <mark at gidgetkitchen.org>wrote:

> Alright Team! We have a decent response to meeting up. I went ahead and
> created a potential list of meeting spots.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam
> 1st is Portland:
> Feb 13th or 19th work for people? Satudays
> * Free Geek - http://freegeek.org most relevant place to meet
> * Backspace - http://www.backspace.bz/ a decent place to meet- followed up
> by playing some games at Ground Kontrol http://www.groundkontrol.com/video
> games, drinks and music- might be some decent fun
> 2nd we should plan a meeting for Eugene-
> March 12th or 19th? Saturdays
> I DONT know this neat part of Oregon that well, so I need some suggestions
> here
> *Coffee Shop?
> *Campus meeting spot?
> Washington and Oregon used to be the combined PNW Team. There are lots of
> nice folks in their  IRC channel on Freenode #ubuntu-us-wa - some of them
> might make it our events. They have had a great re-birth of sorts. They are
> willing to help out - even if it is just saying hello :)
> -Mark - Team Lead (in absentia)
> Let me know what you folks think.
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