Let's make another effort to get this Team started

Mark Terranova mark at gidgetkitchen.org
Fri Jan 14 18:43:33 UTC 2011

Alright Team! We have a decent response to meeting up. I went ahead and
created a potential list of meeting spots.

1st is Portland:
Feb 13th or 19th work for people? Satudays

* Free Geek - http://freegeek.org most relevant place to meet
* Backspace - http://www.backspace.bz/ a decent place to meet- followed up
by playing some games at Ground Kontrol http://www.groundkontrol.com/video
games, drinks and music- might be some decent fun

2nd we should plan a meeting for Eugene-

March 12th or 19th? Saturdays
I DONT know this neat part of Oregon that well, so I need some suggestions

*Coffee Shop?
*Campus meeting spot?

Washington and Oregon used to be the combined PNW Team. There are lots of
nice folks in their  IRC channel on Freenode #ubuntu-us-wa - some of them
might make it our events. They have had a great re-birth of sorts. They are
willing to help out - even if it is just saying hello :)

-Mark - Team Lead (in absentia)

Let me know what you folks think.
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