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Hollering back... Thanks. The "demand for stability" and technical support "issues" are going to
be solved by involving subscription elements. That's all. I don't know
why some of you forget that. Maverick's move toward that I think is a positive step.

On the outset, this means one Layer of
code per finite Processing Element (P.E.) and a measurable Level of
support which can address demand privately based on performance. I say
step away from the total ownership cost model that in reality is
perception of cost based on narrow minded, You-know-who owned forms of
licensing. Not to mention the 1.) linked library file, 2.) any files
needed/required, and 3.) the manifest file Bundle Stupidness from


>While I agree with the
assessment that only freezing core functionality of Ubuntu sounds great
there are problems with that. For the average >desktop user it would
be beneficial a [sic] basically cause no issues. For large
installations where there is usually much more demand for stability
>this could pose problems however.
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