Fun in July - Picnic & Installfest

Mark Terranova mark at
Fri May 14 02:11:31 BST 2010

Hello everyone, I will be able to help with 2 events in late July, I created
a wiki page for both events

Let's meet up and have ourselves good time

*What's a Geeknic?*
A geeknic is a picnic for geeks. *   * Good fun and a
great way to get some people involved that may not know yet that they want
to join us :)
No you dont need to be a geek to attend :)


A great community-building event.

Portland and where else? Eugene, Salem (who is interested?)  If we can do a
2nd one in mid state - that would be bonus.location suggestions are needed.

How should I proceed?
Mark Terranova

This is all about involving local folks.  Let's start planning something
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