[ubuntu-us-nm] holiday optical media party?

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Thu Nov 12 20:05:15 GMT 2009

I'll add it to the agenda for next week. 

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Yes, I got the Ubuntu Karmic media from Ship-It today. As karma dictates
having had the ABQ release party last Saturday.

And my karma should have been better, as woowoo and I attended Kathina
ceremonies at the Thai wat three weeks ago.

But Thanksgiving is coming, and then Christmas and/or Hannukah and then
New Year (for just about everyone).

Let's plan a meet-up some night between these events for media
dispersal. I got the discs, so I'm allowed to bail on arranging the
meet-up. Let me know where and when via weekly meeting agenda item or
this list. East side of the river is my personal preference.

I have 200 Ubuntu i386 desktop, 50 Kubuntu i386 desktop, and 10 Ubuntu
server x86-64 CDs. Come an' git 'em.


kurt von finck


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