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Hello all,

I will be upgrading the EPC Open-Mesh routers tonight starting at 11pm. I
have prepared and have the manual flash utility on hand in case any of them
have trouble.

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Subject: Firmware Upgrade Now Available
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New Firmware:  r2671 Now Available for Auto-Upgrade

Firmware r2671 has now been pushed onto the stable upgrade servers.

Prior to doing so, all networks were set to "disable automatic firmware
upgrades".  This was done so you can choose when you'd like to upgrade as
the upgrade process can result in up to 1 hour of down time.  To start your
upgrade, just uncheck this box on the "Advanced" tab of your networks
dashboard page.

All new networks created will also have "disable automatic upgrades" checked
by default.

*IMPORTANT:*  When adding nodes to an upgraded network, it is highly
recommended that you let them upgrade BEFORE you take them on site.  If
nodes lose power during the upgrade (which can take up to 30 minutes), they
have to be manually reflashed.  Upgrading before you deploy frees you from
any worry about unplugging them as you move them around during install.  To
update any existing nodes you have, simply plug them into an internet
connection for a couple of hours.

*Key enhancements in this version:
1.  New Local Web Page accessed at
You will also see a list of neighbor nodes and their RSSI values and a speed
test to the gateway.  This information can be very helpful when installing
nodes in a network.  Login as "admin" and the root password shown on the top
of the Advanced tab of the dashboard.

2.  General stability improvements, especially on some non open-mesh devices
that are listed on the "Compatible Solutions" link.

3.  Improved support for the CoovaOM AAA service.

4.  LAN Block and AP Isolation now work only on Access Point #1.  So you can
block users on the "open" SSID while retaining network access on the secure
"private" SSID.

(Note:  If for any reason you should need or want to manually reflash a node
with the upgrade, we have a flash utility available for download.  Just
click the "support" link on our web site and then click on the "How to Flash
Open-Mesh (and all compatible) Routers" article.  OM1P nodes reflash in
about 3 minutes.)

Open-Mesh Technical Support Team

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