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gregwm ubuntu-us-mn at greatlakedata.com
Sun Mar 21 01:59:11 GMT 2010

> You can definitely install Ubuntu on an older system.  However, you might
> want to look at Xubuntu for a light-weight desktop with the same underlying
> technology.

my main machine is a pII running hardy, mostly doing vnc.  i don't even use
xfce4 (the xubuntu window manager) other than xfce4-mixer (volume control).
a bit of .twmrc hacking and i'm happy enough with twm.  low overhead.  when
i do fire up xfce4-mixer it's amazing how much memory it grabs.  could use
alsamixer i suppose.  after even the minimal xubuntu install i go and remove
a slew of packages, then add what i actually need.  why hardy?  it has
drivers for the pII mobosound.  those drivers dropped away after hardy.  and
fortunately it's LTS.
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