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You can definitely install Ubuntu on an older system.  However, you might
want to look at Xubuntu for a light-weight desktop with the same underlying


On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 3:53 PM, tpkyteroo luebeck <tp.game.s at gmail.com>wrote:

> Newbie Question here:
> Can one install Ubuntu 9.04 on an ancient piece of crap computer pre-2000
> hardware with WinME crap, and crap graphics? I've not made it to an install
> fest yet only because either I can't get a ride, monitor dies, no computer,
> or I get sick. Currently have a bad cold and an equally bad computer. lol
> Got a used ancient Dell desktop, built for checking email once a month and
> not much else -  from Uncle and Aunt while I save to buy a NEW system76
> Ubuntu.
> Comment: I surely hope that Ubuntu does NOT go the way of MS and release
> things before their time again, or I'll be forced to switch to not quite as
> crappy Mac, as I suck at updating anything. Yuck! I stand to inherit a Mac
> Laptop, that will stay Mac, but Ubuntu is the only OS for programming (even
> though my programming is worse than MS, Gedit can't be beat!) I intend to
> keep an Ubuntu OS on something that works.
> Thanks!
> signed one who hopes to make it to an install fest!
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