[ubuntu-us-ma] SETC ( et all )

Daniel Hollocher danielhollocher at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 04:33:13 GMT 2010

>> I've raised all the issues that have been brought forth to me to the
>> SETC leadership.  Within the context of the SETC wanting to support
>> all three operating systems, neither I nor the SETC folks have good
>> ideas to address the complaints.  I mean, there is allot of
>> complaining, but I am having trouble boiling it down into something
>> concrete.
> IMHO ( I'm just an outsider here ) -- I'm guessing some of the team
> feels a bit excluded by nature of the SETC "swapping" off Ubuntu when
> they got the chance. I know there was a lot of man-power invested (
> not to mention a few grand ) from the -us-ma LoCo team. I'd be pretty
> heartbroken if someone ditched my hard work for something else, too.
> Again, just a guess here.

No doubt, I would guess the same thing.  But when I talked to the
director of the SETC, he really believes that the way he went was
actually expanding Ubuntu rather than swapping it off.  He really
wants a "triple boot", all the computers having all three OSs.    So
now all the computers will have Ubuntu on them rather than just a few,
at least in the view of the director.

Regarding Mike/leftyb's position, I completely understand.  I would
feel exactly the same way he does if I were in his shoes.  I genuinely
feel bad, and wish there was something I could do.  I volunteered at a
Buddhist center for a little while, doing sound stuff, which is a
little like simple IT.  It really was a thankless job, and even if
people thanked me, I still felt kind of lonely.  People only thanked
me when it was obvious they would be screwed without my help;  There
wasn't allot of real appreciation.  So, I can't help but think that
even without the whole Mac situation, Mike's work may have been under

Even now, I wish I knew more of what Mike did.  All I know about is
the local repo, reflection.  That is still really useful, as people
are still installing ubuntu.

Regardless, when I raise these issues, the feedback I get is that
anyone who feels betrayed or wronged should meet in person with Mel,
the director.  He really didn't want to slight anyone; he just wanted
the triple boot.


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