[ubuntu-us-ma] SETC ( et all )

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 19:33:39 GMT 2010

Hey Dan,

On Sat, 2010-11-27 at 23:52 -0500, Daniel Hollocher wrote:
> Martin is a tough issue for me.  One the one hand, I have a personal
> difficulty with Martin, in that the way he controls makes me very
> uncomfortable.

Dan makes Martin feel very uncomfortable with the way he constantly
complains about how Martin controls things. Which Martin doesn't. Martin
has no more control than anyone else. Martin's constantly upset by Dan
throwing Martin under the bus in every email attempting character

This group isn't about petty politics and passive aggressive tactics
Dan. I don't care what your past is with me Dan, get the job at the SETC
done and stop complaining about it to the rest of the group. You wanted
to sort things out, then do it and cease the petty politics this mailing
list isn't the place for it.

> When Martin was controlling everything at the SETC, I couldn't find
> much of a way to participate.  Now that Martin is out, I feel like
> there is something for me at the SETC, and something for me of the
> Ubuntu Loco in general.  I'm no going to get attached to the SETC, but
> I'm going to run with it.

Thankfully it wasn't just me who got out of the SETC. It was leftyfb
too, me and him formed for a very long time the center, heart and soul
of this small ubuntu community and we were both involved at the SETC
because we had hope it would turn out good. We worked hard and poured
hours of time and thousands of dollars into that project and there is no
greater disrespect then to accuse those that have earned their place
through blood, sweat and tears to explain themselves because you don't
trust us.

> Anyway, I ifeel like this politics really gets me no where.  But I
> ifelt like I ihad to address some of it otherwise it would be awkward
> if Ii just kept posting about the SETC.

Dan the problem is, the only politics is going on inside your head. It's
not actually going on outside and I'm getting tired of trying to answer
for myself against this sort of thing. Your attention to attacking me
has shown that you're concerned more with getting rid of me than you are
about promoting Ubuntu in Massachusetts. Weather you're aware of what
you're doing or not.

Although ironically I don't see why you need to get rid of me at all.
All I am is an Ubuntu Member who does occasional development and gets
involved in a handful of community projects online. I'm not a SABDFL
here. *shrug*

Please do post here about the SETC and your adventures. You shouldn't
EVER feel like your not welcome to show what your doing there. But do
actually acheve something too, I'd like to see some positive action,
some progress where I failed. It'd be good all round.


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