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felicia wichrowski felicia02652 at
Sun Jan 18 15:51:38 GMT 2009

Greetings Ubuntu Enthusiasts!!
have just received my freedom with  a DELL XPS M1530 laptop
after 10 years of windoz bondage.  I am seeking to meet with
someone who is well educated in Unix/Linux (and Ubuntu) to address
these tasks:

Font and  monitor display issues  (for use with Scribus
and Gimp)
understanding F-Spot photo management  ( or
alternative )
installing Compiz and getting that cube up and
running...maybe with the fishtank effects
   ( love that's like the Borg and I want to assimilate!) 
importing my
music and organizing  playlists on a flash drive
GNUcash installed...I will need to enter business data from
Possible help relaunching blog on Wordpress

I run a small seasonal business on Cape Cape Cod, so
I have an open schedule.   I am willing to travel and provide
cash compensation to my  Linux Geek.  If you  know of
someone who can assist me I will be ever so thankful. Thank you!

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